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With indu4.0, a global marketplace for the manufacturing industry is created. Opening up new markets, massive cost savings, secure data exchange, and virtual trade fairs are all possible thanks to the platform.

Industry turns over 21 trillion USD annually worldwide. Our state-of-the-art platform enables the industry to efficiently link supply and demand. The platform standardizes the inputs of skills offered and sought based on industry specific expertise. Our sophisticated filtering system enables a precise query and thus high hit rates for each individual requirement.

Currently, the industry has not yet arrived in the interconnected digital world, and many processes are still outdated and inefficient. However, the potential for the platform users is enormous. With indu4.0, we want to set standards and become the innovation leader.


Blockchain Based

Pay for services of Indu4.0 AG on the platform with INDU Token

Loyalty Program

Get rewarded with INDU tokens through platform usage

NFT Security

Benefit from document protection and copyright protection for technical drawings


Pay for trade fairs, exhibition spaces, and admissions offered by Indu4.0 AG with the INDU token


indu4.0 landingpage

The new daily tool for the industrial purchaser

Find the right supplier with just a few clicks and always have access to up-to-date data.

Find the right competencies in no time thanks to the sophisticated industry-specific filter system.

Actively use the platform and get rewarded with INDU tokens (loyalty program).

Copyright technical drawings and documents via the indu4.0 platform with NFT technology.

Meet new suppliers in the metaverse at the virtual booth of Indu4.0 AG from the workplace.

indu4.0 search page

Acquire new customers faster and easier - worldwide

Massive time and cost savings with indu4.0

Show industry-specific strengths transparently and thus receive only suitable inquiries.

Receive benchmark analysis report with INDU Token. (demand behavior, competitor analysis and expansion opportunities).

Receive discounts on advertising and subscriptions thanks to the INDU token loyalty program.

Present news and unique selling points to the whole world at virtual trade shows.


A new era in the industry.


Pay for services, reports and advertisements on the indu4.0 platform

Pay for metaverse booths and entrance of trade fair visitors organized by Indu4.0 AG

Loyalty program, get rewarded with INDU tokens by using indu4.0 long-term

Protect copyrights with INDU token on NFT technology

INDU Token

Breakdown of our token recipients.

Start Private Sale

20. Jun 2022

Token Symbol


Private Sale


Total Private Sale

30'000'000 INDU

Start Presale

30. Oct 2022

Total Public Sale

247'500'000 INDU

Presale Round


Public Sale Round


Emission Price


Max Supply

750'000'000 INDU


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The perfect team for successful implementation.


Members for the right boost.

Noah Schiller
Startup advisor
Adrian Ulrich
Network advisor
Rui Meireles
Financial advisor


Please find the documents about the project below.

white paper
White Paper(2022)
one pager
White Paper(2022)
pitch deck
Executive Summary(2022)


Popular questions about the project.

When will the INDU Token be launched?

We would like to launch the INDU Token in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The token will run on a blockchain supporting smart contracts. We are in the evaluation phase.

The INDU token can be used as a payment method for the services offered by Indu4.0 AG on the B2B platform indu4.0 or to purchase trade show booths and admissions offered by Indu4.0 AG in the metaverse.

In our white paper, the terms and possibilities of our token are described in more detail.

How can I participate in the presale?

Everyone who wants to participate in the presale has to register on our INDU token user portal. That's all!

After applying for the private sale, our team is going to check your data. If you are applicable, there is a high probability to get some INDU Tokens during the private sale. The INDU Tokens are limited. First come, first serve.

INDU Tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum or BNB. Due to our MetaMask integration, the easiest and most convenient way is preparing your ETH or BNB in your browser's MetaMask wallet.

Yes, there is a minimum and maximum investment for each sale round.

When will the platform be online?

The testing phase of the platform will start in Q2 2022. After the onboarding phase of providers in Q3 2022, the platform will go online in Q4 2022.

Indu4.0 is mainly used in the B2B sector, the metaverse, however, will also be exciting for private individuals.

The platform is hosted on Google Firebase and offers almost infinite scaling possibilities.

Basically no, for medium-sized and larger companies an upgrade to a subscription with decisive additional features is worthwhile. However, in order for the providers to get requests, you need a subscription in any case.

Where is indu4.0 located?

indu4.0 is based in Switzerland (Europe).

indu4.0 was founded by Andreas Ott, Kay Baur, and Christian Dillier. The founders bring together more than 45 years of professional experience, have successfully founded various companies, and bring excellent expertise from the industry and IT sectors.

The company indu4.0 consists of a board of directors, management, finance, human resources, IT development, support, marketing & sales.

Yes, indu4.0 is a limited company based in Switzerland.

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